Dark or Light Kitchen Cabinets | Which Should You Choose?

It’s another age-old question that we need to consider when designing your dream kitchen: would you like dark or light cabinets? If you’re struggling to decide, keep reading!

Lighter cabinets give a kitchen a more open and cleaner feel compared to darker cabinets. Darker cabinets can hide the everyday stains and wear and tear more easily which is something to keep in mind if you’re a busy household.

Darker kitchen units are most associated with a more luxurious and formal feel in your home. Lighter cabinets are seen to be more classic and timeless.

It’s important to keep in mind how you’re going to decorate your kitchen as walls and accessories can be easily updated to create a brighter, warmer, cooler or more vibrant atmosphere, depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve. Click here If you want to read more about how best to accessorise your kitchen!

We personally love it when wood, cabinets and accessories all work in perfect harmony together. This all comes down to personal preference. No matter what is trending in the world of kitchens it’s important that you go with what you like, usually your gut instinct is correct. Get some inspiration by looking at our gallery now.

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