When we design your kitchen, we’ve got to think of a number of things. Yes, the primary function of a kitchen is to be able to cook with ease, but you’ve also got to be able to use it as a social area where you can entertain guests and more!  

Most kitchens are designed with the ‘working triangle’ in mind. This concept is a classic in kitchen design layout and takes into consideration the distance between the sink, oven and fridge and how best to optimise it for when you’re cooking.  

We also take into consideration how you work in the kitchen. For example, we would design your kitchen to have your crockery nearby to the dishwasher, so you don’t have to travel too far when putting things away.  

Another thing we think about when designing your kitchen is how we control the flow of people into your kitchen. This is important to consider when you’ve got a large family or have guests round often. Doing things like locating your fridge in a place that doesn’t obstruct you when you’re cooking so if the kids need a snack, they can get to it easily.  

Another design trick we can do to control the flow into your working area is a kitchen island that is just out of the way enough for you to be able to still talk and be sociable. 

No matter your kitchen size, our kitchen experts will guarantee to utilise your space as much as possible. Are you considering a new kitchen? Get in touch with the Bluewater Bathrooms Kitchens & Bedrooms team here or pop into our Clifton Moor, York Showroom.