Now that you’ve got your beautiful new bathroom, it’s time to keep it that way! Keeping your new bathroom in good shape can help make it feel brand new for even longer. Follow our tips and tricks to keep it looking as amazing as the first day it was finished.   

  1. Keep it tidy: Nothing makes your bathroom seem like it isn’t new anymore more than it being untidy. It’s that age-old thing where once you’ve had something new for a while that you stop taking care of it quite as well. We’re all guilty of it! Make sure to keep on top of it. One thing that can really make your bathroom look untidy is keeping unused bottles and cosmetics around once they’ve been finished. 
  2. A clean bathroom is a happy bathroom: We know it’s not the most exciting thing to do in the world, but it’s got to be done. When you keep on top of cleaning a bathroom it doesn’t feel like such a big task to do. Particularly paying attention to areas that get used the most.  
  3. Switching up the decor: Changing things up in your new bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Simple things like trying a different colour or style of towel, hanging up different artwork and changing fixtures like soap dispensers can bring that new feeling back. You could even add some particular plants that like moisture, such as orchids. 
  4. Organisation is your friend: This goes hand in hand with all the above. If you can find some new shelving that is water and moisture-safe can help you keep everything tidy whilst also adding something new and different to your bathroom.  

We hope you’ve learnt some new tips and tricks to keeping your new bathroom feeling brand newMake sure to visit our bathroom gallery to check out how other people have decorated their new bathrooms.