Your bathroom is more often than not the most overlooked room in your home. In our opinion, it should be a room which you love to be in rather than just using it. Because we think it is often forgotten about, we have put together some key points to consider when thinking that you may be in need of a new bathroom!

Bad layout

It isn’t uncommon for bathrooms to have a bad layout that doesn’t make perfect use of the space around it. In older properties, bathrooms could have been fitted thinking about ease of the installation, rather than usage. Some examples of a poor layout are having a toilet right next to the bath or a cramped shower entrance. A new layout could increase functionality and make the space look a lot better.

It feels outdated

A bathroom just starts to look outdated and tired as styles change. Little modifications of your bathroom, such as changing accessories and small fixtures help improve the feel of the room. We believe bigger scale improvements, such as changing tiles, painting the walls or replacing an old bath, can be ways to update the look of your bathroom.

Your needs have changed

If your bathroom doesn’t meet your requirements anymore, it is definitely the right time to consider a revamp. You may have had a new addition to the family or reduced mobility due to age or disability. Visit us at Bluewater and we can discuss all your bathroom needs and requirements, no matter the circumstance.

Improve utility

Many spaces can be improved greatly by carrying out changes that better align with your needs. Your bathroom can benefit from useful modifications, such as extra storage space, better lighting or a bigger vanity unit. Updates such as these allow you to personalise your bathroom as much as possible.

General wear and tear

You shouldn’t have to put up with accumulating problems in your bathroom. It isn’t a good course of action and, in the grander scheme of things, a remodel will benefit you a lot more. A new bathroom is much more likely to be energy efficient, reliable and fit your individual requirements. General wear and tear can result in many problems if left unchecked. Some of these can be serious and damaging, like leaks, and some are more of a continuing nuisance, such as mould that won’t go away.

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