You’ve been to Bluewater and we’ve designed, supplied and installed your brand new beautiful bathroom; now what? You need to make your lovely bathroom your own! Follow these simple steps to add some personal touches to your bathroom.


It’s time to unwind and get some candles around the bath for the perfect ambience. You could try fake candles that mimic the soft flicker of a real one. If you enjoy a scented candle you could use some incense sticks for the same effect!


Adding some greenery around your bathroom can really add some freshness and life. We would recommend getting a plant that would thrive in a humid area like a bathroom. Cacti can make great house plants that are also low maintenance.

Bubble bath

Along with the candles to create the perfect atmosphere, you need the perfect bubble bath to really take your new bathroom to the next level!


This may seem like a really obvious but a lot of people get this wrong! Make sure you get towels that match the aesthetics of your bathroom perfectly. Some people even get their towels embroidered which can be a fun twist to add even more personalisation.


Artwork is a really great way to make your bathroom your own. Whether it’s by a favourite artist or a simple canvas of a flower, choose something that is true to your style!

If you’re still at the first stage of trying to find a new bathroom, please get in touch with the Bluewater Bathrooms & Kitchens team here or pop into our Clifton Moor, York Showroom (we recently had our kitchen showroom updated).