Bluewater Re opening
We have been working hard during the current restrictions to make sure our showrooms are ready to welcome you back. This includes the re–design of 11 of our showroom displays and a deep clean of the showroom. This is ready for our re–opening on the 1st June.   We will be opening the same hours as before 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. What steps are we putting in place to make sure we are COVID Secure?   COVID Secure is the Government’s standard set based on the current
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cover-19 statement from Bluewater
There are many changes happening at incredible speed that are affecting business and everyday life. We have been working very hard to keep up with the pace of the changes and, above all, protect our people, our customers and their livelihoods and our business. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23 March, we were left with no choice but to temporarily close the Bluewater Bathrooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms showroom. We want to play our part
New Install
Bluewater Bathrooms
Now that you’ve got your beautiful new bathroom, it’s time to keep it that way! Keeping your new bathroom in good shape can help make it feel brand new for even longer. Follow our tips and tricks to keep it looking as amazing as the first day it was finished.    Keep it tidy: Nothing makes your bathroom seem like it isn’t new anymore more than it being untidy. It’s that age-old thing where once you’ve had something new for
cream and brown sliding doors in a walk in wardrobe
If you are feeling a little on top of each other and disorganised during lockdown, you are not the only one. But some simple solutions for bedroom storage include installing fitted wardrobes with sliding doors. This space saving idea can go a long way to reorganising your belongings. In the UK, wardrobes are filled to the very brim with clothes, shoes and everything else that we can get inside them. A freestanding wardrobe just makes the issue
When we design your kitchen, we’ve got to think of a number of things. Yes, the primary function of a kitchen is to be able to cook with ease, but you’ve also got to be able to use it as a social area where you can entertain guests and more!   Most kitchens are designed with the ‘working triangle’ in mind. This concept is a classic in kitchen design layout and takes into consideration the distance between the sink, oven and