There are many different options you can go with for the flooring in your new bathroom, it can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of choice there is. We want to help! Keep reading to find out more about which bathroom flooring will work best for you. Vinyl We could not recommend vinyl more for a bathroom! It is pretty much fuss free and incredibly functional. Vinyl is also affordable, easy to clean and
You’ve decided to update your kitchen and you’ve reached one of the final questions “which worktop should I go for?”. There are four main kinds of worktop that you can choose from: laminate, solid wood, solid surface and bespoke. Let’s discuss! Laminate A laminate worktop allows you to have the look that you would like whilst still being easy to clean, maintain and install. As well as being great value for money, they’re also available
Assisted Living
It’s easy to take for granted being able to use your home easily. It’s even easier to forget how hard it can be for other people. We wanted to do our part and introduce assisted living ranges alongside our other ranges so that everyone can have the joy of a beautiful bathroom, kitchen or bedroom that works perfectly for them. We are also one of the only assisted living showrooms in the Yorkshire region. Bathroom
Assisted Living
Our New York dust grey, painted, handleless range, has a huge impact when combined with the superbly finished 30mm Bianco Livorno, quartz worktops, upstand and matching splashback. This very modern look, of dark units and white worktops, is something that more and more people are going for due to the wow factor that comes from the sharp contrast. The Canyon oak brown flooring brings an element of warmth into the kitchen which perfectly complements the
New Install
Our Kitchen Project Manager, Dominic Rogerson, discusses what makes a Bluewater Kitchen a Bluewater Kitchen. How did the Bluewater kitchen department grow into what it is today? My background, before starting at Bluewater, was with an organisation who were heavily focused on sales, with not enough focus on customer care and quality of service. This was an ethos I could never get on board with but unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position of authority to