Our Kitchen Project Manager, Dominic Rogerson, discusses what makes a Bluewater Kitchen a Bluewater Kitchen.

How did the Bluewater kitchen department grow into what it is today?

My background, before starting at Bluewater, was with an organisation who were heavily focused on sales, with not enough focus on customer care and quality of service. This was an ethos I could never get on board with but unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position of authority to impact any real change. When Bluewater offered the chance to project manage my own department and explained that I’d be given the freedom to build my own team and to select the suppliers we use and the products we sell, it was too good an opportunity to turn down. This gave me an opportunity to implement my philosophy of basing the operations around great customer care and quality of service, which the directors fully support and encourage. Three years later, the kitchen department has more than tripled in size as people hear more and more about the great work that we do.

Why choose Bluewater?

The focus Bluewater have on project management is such that we take any responsibility and pressure away from you, the customer, and on to ourselves. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to guide you through the decision making on products and design and then to manage the project in a way that enables you to sit back and enjoy the process. At the design stage, you can see the extent of our product knowledge and our understanding of the project management process and we are informed time and time again that this is the main reason that customers chose to use us. The honesty and integrity with which employees at Bluewater operate are clearly visible to our customers and this means that they feel comfortable in the knowledge that once the fit begins, they will be looked after in the same manner as during the design stage.

What makes Bluewater special?

Bluewater’s expertise is focused on the full kitchen installation, which unlike a lot of kitchen retailers, includes plastering, electrical work, flooring, tiling, lighting, the moving/connection of gas pipes, plumbing including any work involved in relocating and fitting radiators, removal of internal walls including installation of steel. There is so much more to a kitchen installation than meets the eye and Bluewater have built a team that enables us to complete all this work from start to finish. Bluewater will discuss all these items in advance and will build these costs into the main quote so that the customer knows exactly what they will be spending and what it includes, happy in the knowledge that there will be no hidden surprises. Even better, the full kitchen installation is managed by one person; the same person who designed your kitchen and with whom a relationship has been built from the offset. This offers a personalised experience for customers and makes them feel a lot more at ease during the fitting process.

Why not come and visit the Bluewater showroom for a fully project managed kitchen installation, managed by one person, with excellent quality products and a hand-picked team of quality tradesmen, we recommend you come in and take a look at our showroom and see just how good we are, and how competitive our prices are.