Which kind of worktop should you go for?

You’ve decided to update your kitchen and you’ve reached one of the final questions “which worktop should I go for?”. There are four main kinds of worktop that you can choose from: laminate, solid wood, solid surface and bespoke. Let’s discuss!


A laminate worktop allows you to have the look that you would like whilst still being easy to clean, maintain and install. As well as being great value for money, they’re also available in many different colours and textures. Laminate is also durable, easy to look after and heat and scratch resistant. We would recommend laminate for someone who is on a budget but doesn’t want to compromise on style or durability.

Solid wood

A solid wood worktop have the unique ability to age gracefully over time and with the right maintenance can be resistant to moisture and stains. We think natural solid wood worktops work really well in homes that have a more traditional look and feel. If you do choose this kind of worktop then be prepared to look after it and prepare for the colour to naturally deepen over time as it gets older.

Solid surface

A solid surface worktop has incredible water, scratch and heat resistance over other kinds of worktops. They are also very hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. A solid surface worktop also comes in a variety of different styles so that you have many different options.


We also have a number of bespoke worktops like granite, quartz and solid surface that are unique and very luxurious.

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