Urbano by Symphony at Bluewater Bathrooms Kitchens & Bedrooms

The bedroom can be a very relaxing place and somewhere to unwind after a long day. At Bluewater Kitchens Bathrooms & Bedrooms we supply Urbano’s fitted and freestanding styles in an array of on-trend colours and warm natural tones. With these luxurious textures and bold statements, your bedroom can be transformed into a place of serenity. Urbano gives you a style that frees your inner designer and offers you endless possibilities.

The bedroom can be a place where everybody comes together, so should work around you and your family’s needs whatever the size. Carefully selecting the ideal wardrobes and additional furniture items can ensure that it is both a functional and joyous space. Attention is in the detail. Furniture styles complemented by attractive handle options and accessories can turn your bedroom into a place to relax and unwind.

“A 5 star job. A brilliant design. Everything arrived on time before the job started. The different trades arrived when we were told they would and were very proficient.”

-Sandra G