Kitchen Colour Trends – Part 1

Dominic Rogerson our kitchen project manager has been looking at the latest trends for kitchen doors.

We’ve seen a suite of trend-led colours and decors being introduced into 2020, with more progressive designs in the first half of 2021. From dark kitchen colours to stunning pink shades, coupled with Brass accents and natural work surfaces.

Dusty Pink –  Going Viral!

This trendy hue is getting a lot of attention again thanks to it’s delightfully modern feel.

It has become one of the most Instagrammable colours in homedecor, so theres no surprise kitchens are now being created to celebrate the power of pink. Dusky Pink sits comfortably with black and brass tones to create a fresh new look and brighter kitchen space.

Dusky Pink is available across most of our paint to order kitchen ranges.

Indigo – The Blue Revolution

For a long time, the interior design colour of the moment has been grey, but recently dark blue tones are taking over in the popularity stakes and Indigo Blue was created with this in mind. Available in Urban and Princeton as well as a paint to order colour across most of our painted kitchen ranges.

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