You’ve been to Bluewater and we’ve designed, supplied and installed your brand new lovely kitchen; now what? You need to make your beautiful kitchen your own! Follow these simple steps to add some personalised touches to your kitchen.

Plants and herbs

Adding some greenery around your kitchen can really add some freshness and life. We would recommend growing your own herb garden with all your favourites to add some usability to the greenery. Cacti can make great house plants that are also low maintenance.

Kitchen gadgets

You’ve got your new kitchen and now you need the latest gadgets! Toasters, kettles, coffee makers and food mixers can tie your kitchen together, whilst also being functional when you’re making tasty food. We would recommend visiting our friends at Wall of Sound for a range of high end kitchen gadgets.


Crockery, like mugs, plates and bowls can add some much needed fun into your kitchen. We love how personal you can make these, without spending too much money. We all know a cuppa out of your favourite mug tastes the best!

Clean and tidy

This may seem like a simple one, but trust us, it’s important! Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy means you can enjoy it to the fullest and means you really care about it. We are guilty of leaving the dishes until the next day, but getting them done is the best thing to do.


Some well-placed ornaments, especially with those that have personal meaning, can be a great discussion topic if you have guests round for a gathering or a meal. Beautifully framed photos of family, friends and even pieces of art can also have the same effect.

Hopefully you have found some of these tips useful and will utilise them in some way!

If you’re still at the first stage of trying to find a new kitchen, please get in touch with the Bluewater Bathrooms & Kitchens team here or pop into our Clifton Moor, York Showroom (We recently had our kitchen showroom updated).