Kitchen Trends 2022

Whatever your budget or the size of your plans, 2022 has seen kitchen design and decor ideas to suit everyone. Whether it’s smart storage or brass finishes on your taps and handles, there are plenty of ideas to add a layer of style and sophistication to your kitchen. To help you keep up to date with the latest kitchen style trends, here are our picks for the biggest kitchen trends in 2022.

Natural Kitchen Colours

Natural, earthy colours are our first pick for kitchen trends in 2022. Whether it’s the colour of your kitchen units or the paint on your walls, natural colours are a great way of injecting an element of calm into your space.

Statement Surfaces

Why have boring and plain surfaces when you can have something much more eye catching and fun? Marble continues to be one of the most popular must-have countertops and pairs brilliantly with metallic finishes such as brass. Big, patterned or textured surfaces are also in for 2022 and can be used to give your kitchen big personality.

Statement Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is no longer solely a practical thing for your kitchen, but it can now be used to make a big statement in your home. Spotlights and light strips have been replaced by big, bold statement lighting that hangs low. Lighting shades are also a great way of injecting a bit of colour into your kitchen and with a range of materials on offer, it can

Smart Storage

Kitchens have developed over the years to become far sleeker and cleaner in their design, and a big part of this is keeping things tidy and organised. Pull out cupboard storage, hanging racks and trolleys are a great way to keep your kitchen feeling clutter-free at all times.

Chequerboard Kitchen Flooring

Chequerboard flooring isn’t new, but it’s returning in a big way in 2022. Go for the traditional black and white, or try something different by using patterned tiles of different colours. Again, marble chequerboard flooring is also popular and can give your kitchen space a feeling of luxury.

Brass Finishes on Handles and Taps

Brass finishing is the latest trend for your kitchen fixtures. Less glaring than gold, brass gives off the same feeling of luxury and goes so well with many of the earthier, natural colours that are on trend in 2022. Simply changing your cupboard handles or tap fixtures to something brass is a quick, simple way of making your kitchen look stylish and current, without breaking the bank.

Big Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are incredibly useful areas in your kitchen as they can be used to get extra storage and counter space, help to improve the flow of your kitchen and can even double up as somewhere to eat breakfast. Big kitchen islands are a great way of making your kitchen more usable, but they can also be used to improve the style and design of your space. By getting creative with the materials and colours of your kitchen island you can create a space that stands out immediately.

What We Offer

Here at bluewater bathrooms, we offer high-quality luxury kitchens that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We believe that your kitchen should be a space that is not only practical, but should also be stylish and filled with design that’s right for you. Whatever stage you’re at with your kitchen renovation, our team of experts will be there to help you at every point.

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