Top 6 Benefits of Having a Fitted Bedroom

Everyone is different, and so are our bedrooms. We all want something different from our bedrooms, whether it’s a tranquil space to relax at the end of a day, somewhere to store our belongings or a space where we can get ready in the morning.

Because of this, a fitted bedroom gives a valuable solution to ensure that the space looks and works exactly how we want it to. Here, we’ll cover the many benefits of choosing bespoke bedroom furniture and list why we think every household should consider fitted over regular furniture. Whilst there are a lot of beautiful pieces of furniture available, the ease, quality and personalisation of a fitted bedroom is why we think it’s truly the best option for your bedroom.

For the very best bespoke fitted bedrooms in York, choose Bluewater today. Our choice of materials, colours and styles will ensure you make something that’s exactly how you want it, no matter the size or shape of your room.

Bespoke Fitted Bedrooms Guarantee Quality

By opting for a bespoke fitted bedroom from Bluewater, you can be assured that the quality will be of the highest level. This not only gives your bedroom an air of luxury, but it means your bedroom furniture will last longer. This helps to save you money in the long run by cutting down on any potential repair or replacement costs.

Perfect For Your Awkward Shaped Rooms

No matter the size and shape of your bedroom, finding furniture that matches your space can be tricky. Small rooms require extra planning to ensure they don’t feel cramped, whilst large rooms can feel too open and bare with the wrong furnishings. With bespoke bedroom furniture, you never need to worry about sizing ever again. Everything will be precisely made to measure and fitted to make use of every single space in your room, regardless of how awkward it might be.

Get More Storage

Because bespoke bedroom furniture is made to measure for your room, you will maximise the space available and create a storage space that works exactly how you want it to. Storage is amongst the most important parts of an interior – it gives all your belongings home and means your rooms don’t feel cluttered and messy. Bespoke bedroom furniture therefore provides a valuable solution as you can design and build the exact amount of storage to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Save Time (And Stress)

Shopping around for the ‘perfect’ piece of furniture for a room can be a time consuming task. By opting for a fitted bedroom you automatically skip this period and have beautiful, high quality furniture made specifically for your needs. Not only this, but you don’t have to worry about assembling the furniture yourself – our team will simply come in and construct your bespoke bedroom, ready for you to start using straight away.

Everything Will Definitely Match

Creating a space that feels in unison can be difficult, but with bespoke furniture, you can rest assured that everything will match. Most homeowners will have purchased an item of furniture only to find it doesn’t go with the rest of the room. With a fitted bedroom, your furniture is designed by our team of expert professionals to ensure that everything fits together perfectly.

Fitted Bedroom in York – Why Choose Bluewater?

Everyone has their own individual style, so why would you want a bedroom full of furniture that everyone else has? To really show off your own individuality, choosing a bespoke bedroom can be a great idea. Here, you’re in control of everything from the shape, material, colour and style of your bedroom, ensuring it’s exactly how you pictured it when it’s finished.

Here at Bluewater, we offer luxurious and on-trend fitted bedrooms in York that give you the power to design your perfect space. Choose from our range of styles, materials and colours available to make something that’s uniquely yours. To see how we can help you get your dream bedroom, contact us or visit our showroom.

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