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Designing and renovating a new bathroom is an exciting time for any household, but the proper care and consideration should be made during the planning process to guarantee a successful project. Poor planning can lead to layout issues, impractical designs and unnecessary costs to your bathroom, so it’s important to do your homework beforehand. Here are our top tips for designing your dream bathroom:

Who Will Use the Bathroom?

Even though it sounds obvious, your bathroom needs to work for the people that use it most. Think about who will use the space and how best to utilise it to avoid spending money on something that isn’t used. Maybe your children have grown up and you no longer need non-slip materials, or maybe someone has moved out and you no longer use your bath. Think about who uses the space regularly and design it around them.

What Will be Your Layout?

The key to a bathroom that is easy and enjoyable to use is a good layout. It’s no good spending money on amazing features and furnishings only to realise it doesn’t really work when it all comes together. Think about the space and how best to utilise the space; do you need a bath or a shower for example? What space saving storage solutions can you incorporate? Where should your bathroom furnishings be placed?

As with any refurbishment, you might be limited by some of the practicalities such as plumbing layouts and you will need to decide on having a one, two, or three wet-wall layout. Having one wet-wall is the most cost effective, but can limit your bathroom as your bath, sink and toilet must be on the same wall.

What Furniture Will You Use?

The furnishings you choose will have the biggest impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. This includes things like your sink, bath, shower units and toilets, as well as any storage features that you need for towels or toiletries. Sinks can be incorporated with storage built in to save space, whilst baths can be either free-standing or alcoved. These are just some of the options you will have to decide when designing your bathroom.

What Flooring Do You Need?

Not only do bathroom floors need to look good,but they also need to be completely practical as well. This means choosing a material that is tough, waterproof, slip resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles or stone tiles are popular choices and you should avoid both carpet and polished stone if possible. It can also be a good option to invest in mosaic style tiles as they will be less slippery underfoot, although the extra grouting will take a little extra cleaning.

Lighting and Privacy

Just like any room in your house, lighting is one of the most important aspects. You can use lighting to highlight the best bits of your space and hide the not-so-good, create a calm, relaxing mood, or give your space a sense of depth and texture. Smaller chandeliers can give an element of luxury, whilst spotlights give a simple, practical look to your bathroom.

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