It’s easy to take for granted being able to use your home easily. It’s even easier to forget how hard it can be for other people. We wanted to do our part and introduce assisted living ranges alongside our other ranges so that everyone can have the joy of a beautiful bathroom, kitchen or bedroom that works perfectly for them. We are also one of the only assisted living showrooms in the Yorkshire region.

Bathroom Assisted Living

We have introduced a range of bathing options to help you enjoy having a soak in the bath again with ease. Take a look at these photos below.

Assisted Living York

Assisted Living Yorkshire









Kitchen Assisted Living

We are an exclusive retailer of the Freedom by Symphony range.  The kitchens were developed in partnership with Adam Thomas, the UK’s leading expert in accessible kitchen design. Freedom aims to change the face of accessible kitchen design, solving the problems no one else will tackle.

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Bedroom Assisted Living

With our brand new bedroom showroom, we have the opportunity to transform your bedroom so that it works for you and your needs.

Want to find out more about our Assisted Living ranges? Get in touch today and visit our showroom in Clifton Moor.