What Kind of Flooring Should You Choose in Your Bathroom?

There are many different options you can go with for the flooring in your new bathroom, it can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of choice there is. We want to help! Keep reading to find out more about which bathroom flooring will work best for you.


We could not recommend vinyl more for a bathroom! It is pretty much fuss free and incredibly functional. Vinyl is also affordable, easy to clean and is a great choice for busy homes. Hard wood and some laminates are not recommended for bathrooms, so if you’re looking for a wood effect, vinyl could be a better option.


Looking for a hint of sophistication in your new home then look no further than tile flooring. Granite, natural marble, slate, travertine and limestone are all great options. Granite is available in a variety of colours, while the patterns in marble and onyx can look very attractive. The beauty of natural stone is that the patterns and tones are not uniform giving a distinct look to your bathroom.

Underfloor heating

For an extra touch of luxury, consider adding under floor heating to your new bathroom. During the winter months you will be very thankful for it. It can be done in two different ways. One is to connect to the central heating with a series of pipes under the floorboards, and the other is a standalone unit that uses a series of electric wires under the floor. Chat to us to see which is the best option for you.

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